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Weekly Happenings at TBS

08/03/2022 03:02:25 PM


There are so many wonderful events and activities happening at Temple B'rith Shalom. To learn more about our wonderful Shul, please read our weekly announcements. 

Announcements May 10, 2023

05/10/2023 05:00:41 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Prescott

I had the opportunity to attend a planning meeting for the Jewish Community Read more...

Announcements May 3, 2023

05/03/2023 05:00:45 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ 

This Friday night, we celebrate our religious school children and their teachers and all teachers in our congregation. ThisRead more...

Announcements April 26, 2023

04/26/2023 05:00:39 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ Earth Day ~ יום כדור הארץ

Protecting our planet is not just a scientific or political issue. It is a religious, sRead more...

Announcements April 19, 2023

04/19/2023 05:00:43 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ Israel Independence Day ~ יום העצמאות

To sit in Indpendence Hall in Tel Aviv and listen to a recording of David Read more...

Announcements April 12, 2023

04/12/2023 05:00:38 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ אֶרֶץ ~ Thursday at 7:00pm at TBS

SACRED EARTH: COMMON GROUND is an interfaith nature-oriented program that brings togeRead more...

Announcements April 5, 2023

04/05/2023 05:00:17 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ פָּסַח

Keeping kosher for Pesach means abstaining from chametz, the fermented products of five principal grains: whRead more...

Announcements March 29, 2023

03/29/2023 05:00:23 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ 

There was glitter and bling, delicious food and marvelous auction baskets, art, jewelry, airplane rides, yacht excursions, Read more...

Announcements March 22, 2023

03/22/2023 05:00:42 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ אֶמֶת

Our Mussar group is discussing "Truth" this week. What does it mean to be honest? Is there ever a time when it isRead more...

Announcements March 15, 2023

03/15/2023 05:00:33 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ יִשְׂרָאֵל

I have been to Israel three times. In 1991 and 2005, I went on tours. In 2008, I volunteered on an armyRead more...

Announcements March 8, 2023

03/08/2023 05:00:33 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ מחשבות ~ Purim Fun!

What happiness to experience my first Purim with the cast, singers, dancers, children, and congreRead more...

Announcements March 1, 2023

03/01/2023 05:00:38 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ מחשבות ~ PURIM!
Purim is a celebration of survival, of disguise, of resourcefulness in the face of persecution. We are Read more...

Announcements February 22, 2023

02/22/2023 05:00:48 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ מחשבות ~ Enthusiasm
Our Mussar groups tackles Enthusiasm this week as we continue through our middot - our list of persRead more...

Announcements February 15, 2023

02/15/2023 05:32:34 PM


ANNOUNCEMENT: We have an underground plumbing leak in the women's restroom which has made it impossible to hold programs tomorrow, Friday, and over thRead more...

Announcements February 8, 2023

02/08/2023 05:00:53 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ מחשבות
....עשה לך רב  "Find yourself a teacher and you have found yourself a friend."
This Friday, we

Announcements February 1, 2023

02/01/2023 05:01:12 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ Tu B'Shevat (15th of Shevat) is Monday, Feb. 6
In ancient times, Tu B'Shevat helped Jewish farmers establish exactly when theyRead more...

Announcements January 25, 2023

01/25/2023 05:00:22 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ Lecha Dodi: Welcoming the Sabbath Bride

      Every Friday evening at TBS, we sing the medieval prayer Lecha Dodi. In theRead more...

Announcements January 18, 2023

01/18/2023 05:00:53 PM


Rabbi's Reflections ~ Dayenu A Jewish Call to Climate Action
Our TBS Dayenu Circle is part of a national mission to secure a just, livable and sustaiRead more...

Announcements January 11, 2023

01/11/2023 05:00:37 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ Marching for Justice

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was devastated to find the Nazi policies he fled as a Jew in 1940 in play iRead more...

Announcements January 4, 2023

01/04/2023 05:01:23 PM


Rabbi’s Reflections ~ Rachamim
Our Mussar group is exploring the character trait of “compassion” this week. What it means to treat others as thoRead more...

Announcements December 28, 2022

12/28/2022 05:00:52 PM


Rabbi's Reflections ~ New Year
What a contrast between the Jewish New Year and January 1. And, how wonderful that we celebrate both. Similar in the sRead more...

Announcements December 21, 2022

12/21/2022 05:01:12 PM


Rabbi's Reflections ~ 
Mai (What is) Hanukkah?

Hanukkah has evolved over the centuries according to the needs of the Jewish people. Originally aRead more...

Announcements December 14, 2022

12/14/2022 05:00:52 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~ “Savlanut”
Patience is the balance between complete passivity and blatant intolerance. The slow-moving car ahead, a conversaRead more...

Announcements December 7, 2022

12/07/2022 05:01:53 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~ “Anavah”
Our TBS Mussar group began our study together with the soul-trait of humility. How to take up just the right amountRead more...

Announcements November 30, 2022

11/30/2022 05:01:22 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~ Everywhere
One of my very favorite moments in all of Torah is in this week’s parasha. On his way to his uncle Laban, Jacob laysRead more...

Announcements November 23, 2022

11/23/2022 05:00:32 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~ Giving

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Not too much stress or too much rushing. A gentle day in which to give thanks fRead more...

Announcements November 16, 2022

11/16/2022 05:04:07 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~ 
What is your first thought upon awakening each morning? Ugh, it’s cold? Where’s the snooze button? There is anotRead more...

Announcements November 9, 2022

11/09/2022 05:00:51 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~ Don't Let the Lights Go Out
On November 9, TBS is leaving the lights on. Hundreds of synagogues and churches around the worldRead more...

Announcements November 2, 2022

11/02/2022 05:00:22 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~  Israeli Elections

Israel is dear to my heart. Fully committed to her survival, I do struggle with some of her political rRead more...

Announcements October 26, 2022

10/26/2022 05:00:37 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~ Batter Up! 
Whether you are rooting for the Phillies or Astros, the World Series is the stuff legends are made of. And, what betRead more...

Announcements October 19, 2022

10/19/2022 05:00:36 PM


Rabbi's Reflections~
The High Holiday season has officially ended. Thank you to all who made my first holidays so very lovely and special. What a greaRead more...
Sat, December 9 2023 26 Kislev 5784