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About Us 

Our Values:

Community: We foster a warm, welcoming, and caring community. We create strong partnerships and relationships that help us grow.

Tikkun Olam/Tzedakah: We embrace the Jewish commandments as we strive to create a fairer, more understanding and just world through social action and charitable giving.

B'tzelem Elohim: We are all created in God's image. We celebrate our diversity and our capacity to grow and learn from one another's unique beliefs and experiences.

Talmud Torah: Learning is vibrant and ongoing.

Avodah: We embrace diverse, lively and engaging Jewish worship that allows for individual and communal connections.

Ahavat Israel: Israel is in Torah, our narrative, our prayers, and our history. We are committed to an Israel that is strong, compassionate and at peace.

Our Strategic Plan for 2022-2023

1. Enhance our Jewish Presence in the Prescott region.

2. Ensure financial sustainability.

3. Develop lay leadership within the congregation.


About Us:

Temple B’rith Shalom is a vibrant and inclusive non-denominational Jewish congregation that welcomes everyone interested in Judaism including but not limited to interfaith families and LGBTQ members.

As the oldest congregation in the Quad City area, we seek to build bridges with the greater Prescott community and welcome all who are interested in learning about Judaism and seeking their Jewish home.

Temple B’rith Shalom's members come from the full spectrum of Jewish practice and belief. Most of the members have come to Prescott from elsewhere in Arizona and the greater United States and appreciate the fellowship, and friendships found in a small Jewish community.

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