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Yizkor Lights

A poem by Rabbi Kozlow

The lights on the wall all lit to glow

So many lives lived

Faces we no longer know

Time speeds by leaving no one behind

Our memories draw us to another place in time

Memories sweet memories sad, remnants of our loved ones

And the moments that were had.

We look back in search of what remains to touch

So much life lived yet seemingly gone with the dust

I miss you and the way your smile use to dance

I remember the way we couldn’t help but laugh

Time races by and the details blurr

But one touched by love leaves a kiss that endures

Through the years we climb and the seasons recall how life felt when we shared it all


I can feel your presence in this little light

that shines into darkness to dispel the night

Did we say good-bye or enough hellos

Are you watching from a distance?

Knowing how it all will go?

So much mystery in these Yizkor prayers

We show up to remember our testament of care

To say I loved you enough times

to cushion the depth of our forgotten rhymes

Of loss to our hearts

And quiet to our souls

Yizkor the lights and the stories they told

The wall is lit aflame with our stories of love, or hiding the shame of stories left undone.

Death speaks the language of mystery and to it’s quest we bow.

Surrendering to love that frightening vow

To live each moment as if we too

Were soon to follow after in search of you.

Let us be strengthened by this room full of quiet

In search of the memories that lie deep inside us

For here by the glow of these tiny shining stars

Are monuments of love that will always be ours.


Safe may they be in their mysterious abode

And know they are loved

Despite these turns in the road

Deliver our love, God on angel’s wings

as the words of Yizkor powerfully sings

El Malei Rahamim

Tue, October 19 2021 13 Cheshvan 5782