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Visiting Scholars



Ta Sh'ma: Visiting Scholars Adult Education Series

Rabbi Julie bring an exciting series of adult ed classes by visiting scholars in the midst of a pandemic. Leading voices in today's Jewish world bring their perspectives on the troubling topics. These classes are free but require registration by clicking on the link following each class description. 

Upcoming classes are below; see previous scholars here. 

Fighting Antisemitism - 3 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21

How has a mom from Montana become a leader in fighting antisemitism? The founder of a major neo-Nazi website orchestrated a harassment campaign launching a troll storm relentlessly terrorizing Tanya Gersh and her family with anti-Semitic threats and message for months.

The Daily Stormer, which took its name from Nazi propaganda known as Der Stürmer encouraged their followers to TAKE ACTION! after Tanya agreed to sell real estate for the mother of White Nationalist, Richard Spencer.

When Spencer leaned his mother contacted a Jewish agent, he took action. Consequently, Andrew Anglin with the Daily Stormer took interest. Anglin's online posts included all of Tanya's personal and professional contact information and photographs of her family. He circulated her photo and the photo of her 12 year old son photoshopped on the gates to Auschwitz. Another was altered to include a yellow Star of David with the label “Jude” – an allusion to the emblem the Nazi regime required Jews to wear during World War II. To Anglin's followers, Tanya became the enemy, and they contacted her in every way possible to be sure she knew it. 

The threats took an emotional, physical, social, financial and professional toll on Tanya and her family, but Tanya fought back. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit in federal court on behalf of Tanya, winning a more than $14 million judgment against the neo-Nazi leader and shut them down. 

Tanya's groundbreaking case  sends a message to extremists and others who spread hate: direct threats are considered acts of terrorism. This will not be tolerated, and there will be serious consequences for those who terrorize – whether online, by phone or in person. Spreading hate is not free speech and participants will be held liable for the consequences of their actions. 
Tanya won't let being a victim define her. Her courage and strength to not let hate win, and to assure this never happens again, is a message she has become passionate about sharing. The lawsuit is over, but her work has just begun. 

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Thu, January 21 2021 8 Sh'vat 5781