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22 Adar 5780/March 18, 2020 

03/18/2020 04:11:37 PM


Rabbi Kozlow


Dear Friends,

I am so excited to share with you today some beautiful and inspiring news. I have always felt that angels are always, somehow, all around us. It is only that we choose not to open our eyes and our hearts to their presence.

I also believe that in times of trauma and great strain, one should look for inspiration in the ones who are running to help rather than running away. These two beliefs came together yesterday when I received a phone call from Wendy Porter. As it turns out, James, Wendy and Henrietta Porter have called to offer our congregation a spectacular gift to nourish not only our souls but our tummys as well. Please read below the letter they sent us.

Dear Congregants of Temple B'rith Shalom,

In order to keep the congregational family strong during this difficult time,
We, James, Wendy and Henrietta are going to offer Temple B'rith Shalom a
" Home Meal Delivery Service" for all interested Temple B'rith Shalom congregants.

Rabbi Julie and her crew will then deliver your ordered meals directly to your homes.

Residents who need free or reduced priced meals should let us know for confidential, free meal and delivery service.

This is how our "Home Meal Delivery Service" will work:

-- Order your meals by 5pm on Tuesday for Friday delivery
-- Order your meals by 5pm Friday for Monday delivery

We will deliver to the Temple ready to re-heat & eat meals between 1pm and 5pm on Mondays and Fridays. Reheating instructions will be included,
and utensils if you request them. You can either stop by for pick up or let Rabbi Julie insure delivery.

This meal consists of Soup & Salad -or- Soup & Sandwich.
The menu will change daily. You can order one or more meals.
Lunch is $5 per person, $10 for 2 people.

This meal consists of a Salad, Entree and Dessert.
You may make your selection from three options in each category.
You can order one or more meals.
Dinner is $8 per person, $16 for 2 people

TO ORDER CALL SARA AT 928-775-9140


Our first run through will be to place your orders by this Friday the 20th and receive delivery on Monday the 23rd. Please know that if you are having any financial challenges, Wendy and James are more than happy to accommodate. Your wishes will be held in the strictest confidence.
Please take a look at the menu and please forgive us that it is not going to be Kosher considerate. In this time of challenge, please make your own decisions regarding what you order and know that this is not a time for judgments. It is so important to have an easy way to acquire food without all of the stress of shopping and preparing in this contagious environment.

We are so greatly blessed by the generosity of the Porters. I am counting our blessings and so deeply grateful. 
Lets enjoy their generous gift and do our best to pass it on. Maybe order a meal for someone in  need. How great would tht be?

                   Stay tuned for next weeks' menu. Bon Appetite!!!


James, Wendy and Henrietta. We are so touched by your kindness. 

And thank you to all who have written offering to help us deliver food and groceries. You are our Caring Crew and I am so grateful! Stay tuned as we are making our way, we are measuring the needs as we speak.


Given the recommendation of the CDC, we feel forced to cancel our Passover Seder on the 9th of April. With that said, I have given much thought to this reality and I feel 100% committed to the belief that we Jews must share a Seder together as it is such a foundational and spiritually defining experience for our sense of identity.

Therefore we have decided to merely POSTPONE our Seder and set our sights on the other side of this Corona virus to a time when we can meet and celebrate together the foundations of belief, our great heritage. It just may be in June or July , it doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that we come together once it is safe and celebrate our freedom and our story of survival and escape to a better life.

The narratives of life never really change much, only the details change.  I hope that all of you stand with us as we make our plans for a Summer Seder. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica in the office but for now we hope to continue to take reservations, to guard the money already paid and to set our sights for Summer.
As for what to do for our Seders this year when we will all be mostly on our own. I will be sending out a mini symbolic Seder for you to share in your homes and hopefully we will have our technology up and running enough to be able to come into your homes VIA internet and share a blessing for all.

 I wanted to share this picture of Natalie Kohl’s sculpture, that she made that says so much about our Jewish sense of family. We are a communal and loving people and this social distancing is so very foreign and difficult for us. I hope this picture of Natalie’s work rings a sweet chord within your heart. The real connections of love are invisible, but they exist in the little gestures, the phone calls, the simple kindnesses. That is what I was reminded when I set my eyes upon this piece of art. I hope you feel the same. 

We are testing out a way to upload videos on YouTube for you to be able to watch and help us all feel more connected. Please click on the link below to check out the first video!

Shalom Alechem


Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781