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Israel Trip

It has been one of my greatest joys as a rabbi is to accompany my congregants to the Holy land of Israel. I have been blessed to take along many first-timers as well as many seasoned Israel travelers. Either way, the trips have been life-changing for all and memorable beyond all expectations. My goal as the trip leader is to expose you to experiences and moments that touch every part of your soul, the goal is to inspire you, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, historically and physically (rafting down the Jordan River, or biking through Jerusalem).

I use a fabulous tour company, MAVEN TOURS, and they are my dear friends who allow me to craft the perfect trip each time. While we originally hoped to go in October 2021, we are now aiming for October 2022, because of the pandemic. 

Please contact me if you would like to be included on this trip. I' will be holding a meeting on Thursday, May 20, to discuss. Here is the itinerary from my last trip in 2018. This will be the basic bones of the next trip with whatever pieces you as a group would like to add.

Please join us for a Temple B'rith Shalom trip of a lifetime!!!!!

Rabbi Julie Kozlow
הרב אלישבע בת דוד ודבורה



Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782