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Study Einstein and the Rabbi by   Zoom

Please join Rabbi Julie for her exciting, and intriguing new class on the book, Einstein and the Rabbi by Naomi Levy.

The class will meet every Tuesday at 12p.m. via Zoom beginning Tuesday, April 28.

Please RSVP before each class to Jessica by email or phone, 509 670-0540, by 6 p.m. the night before (Monday and Wednesday nights) so Rabbi Julie can send you an invite to the class for that following day. This is going to be an amazing class. Don't miss it! 

To purchase the book:

Peregrine Book Company has curbside delivery Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call for delivery.

Amazon has paperback and hardcover editions, but they may not be available in time for the class. Kindle is $12.99.

Nook:  available for $12.99.  

Sun, May 9 2021 27 Iyar 5781