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Learning at B'rith Shalom

You shall love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might, and these words which I command you this day, you shall take to heart….TEACH THEM DILIGENTLY TO YOUR CHILDREN….Deuteronomy 6:4-9

For many reasons, Judaism has lost its passion. Study after study tells the story of a hemorrhaging from traditional religious affiliation on all fronts. As the spiritual leader of Temple B'rith Shalom, I share sentiments with Arlene Brownie, our headteacher, that we are completely dedicated to reversing this trend and bringing the spiritual discipline that is Judaism back into the lives of our congregation with vibrancy.

There is no more meaningful expression of life, gratitude, God and goodness to be found. We hold the keys to unlocking a way of life that taps into the deepest most spiritual, most challenging, most relevant and most passionate ways to craft a life. Our school will proudly hold up this flag as its goal, to bring life and new breath into the heart and soul of our community and that begins with the children.

Rabbi Julie Kozlow 
הרב אלישבע בת דוד ודבורה

Fri, 3 April 2020 9 Nisan 5780