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A Prayer of Healing for all who have found themselves
in the path of Covid 19

May these prayers find you courageously fighting your battle to win.

May you know that the soul of so much humanity cares for your life, sight unseen.

We are all facing this uncertainty that speaks to our vulnerability as a human race, 
and this landing of truth has drawn us closer together.

Feel the energy of love that is coming towards your heart.

It is a world full of caretakers to whom you count.

May your fears be calmed by the heart beats that surrounds you,

even in this isolation, love cannot be stopped.

May the Holy One make Her presence known and may you find safety in the way of hope.

Love is running wild and rampant through our planet,

     may it find and dry your tears, may it embrace you and lighten your fears.

Healer God, reach all who suffer, and mend their pathway with our love.


Rabbi Julie Kozlow


Wed, April 21 2021 9 Iyar 5781